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Help & FAQs


What is available on the Routledge Performance Archive?

  • Audio-visual material, much previously unavailable and exclusive to Routledge, sourced directly from theatre practitioners and extensively cross-referenced.
  • Each practitioner and each item of content is illustrated by edited entries from The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance.
  • Practitioners biographical details
  • Links to special Routledge theatre and performance journals promotions.

What features does the Routledge Performance Archive have?

  • The Routledge Performance Archive uses adaptive bitrate streaming to deliver video and take full advantage of your available bandwidth.
  • All of our video and audio content is hosted on an industry standard content delivery network to deliver content with low latency from a global network of edge locations.
  • The site utilises elegant and intuitive search and browse functions to help you discover content.
  • A comprehensive taxonomy of over 1000 keywords designed by our editors and consultants.
  • Unique access to video, audio and text content spanning the entire range of theatre and performance studies.

Will I need any special software to view the visual material?

No, you will be viewing the videos through our video player online.

Can I download a video?

No, our videos are streamed and are not available for download. You will need to be online to view the content.

Can I access the archive from home / remotely?

Yes, you can access the site when not on campus, using your library credentials (eg Shibboleth or Athens).

Can I access Routledge Performance Archive on a mobile device?

Yes, through the web-browser and your library access credentials.

How do I qualify for a free 30-day trial?

Academic and other institutions are eligible for the free 30-day trial. Instructors may request a 7-day free trial. To sign up for a free trial, please contact us at Please note that free trials are currently not available for students. If you are a student please recommend the Routledge Performance Archive to your instructors or librarians.

How do I subscribe to the Routledge Performance Archive?

Access to the Routledge Performance Archive is by institutional subscription. Please contact our sales team at for more details and pricing information. If you are an instructor and would like to subscribe to the Routledge Performance Archive following your free trial, please ask your librarian to contact our sales team.

Can I purchase a personal subscription?

Personal subscriptions are not currently available for the Archive but it is something we are considering for the future. Please contact us at if you are interested in exploring this option.


How often will the Routledge Performance Archive be updated?

We will be updating the collection with a substantial amount of new content every three months and will be bringing you critical commentaries from leading scholars in Spring 2013.

Where does the content on the site come from?

Direct from the practitioners themselves, or from collections such as Peter Hulton’s Arts Archives, the British Library and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

How much footage is on the site?

Upwards of 40 hours of video and audio material at launch.

What should I do if I am a participant or a performer in a video and haven’t been credited?

We are very keen to hear from anyone who participated in a workshop or performed in a production and hasn’t yet been contacted by the contributor of the video. Please get in touch using the standard ‘Contact Us’ form and we’ll discuss with the contributor. If appropriate, we will add your credit at the earliest opportunity.


What are the main options for browsing the site?

The site can be browsed through the Practitioners list on the homepage and in the header; through the Subjects list, also on the homepage and in the header; via the search bar, just under the header; via the individual keywords on each Practitioner, Category and Asset page, and the Keyword Index; and via the Related Items function on Practitioner and Category pages.

What is the difference between Subjects and Categories?

Because of the scope of the RPA, content is organised via broad Subjects (such as Comedy, or Form & Genre) and then more specific Categories which are contained by those Subjects (so in the case of Comedy, for example, Categories would include Commedia dell’Arte and Clowns/Clowning).

Do Categories and Assets appear in multiple places in the Archive?

Yes, because something like Commedia might make sense as a Category of both Comedy and Form & Genre, Categories are locatable via all relevant Subjects. Similarly, Assets might be associated with four or five Categories, and two or three Practitioners, and will therefore appear on all relevant pages.

How does the Search function work?

Enter a word in the Search box and all Practitioner, Category and Asset pages that have been tagged with that word, or a word like it, as one of their Keywords, will appear on the Search Results page.

How have the Keyword tags been generated?

Keyword tags have been generated by Contributors, the RPA Advisory Board, and the editors on the project, based on templates and indexing that have been carefully controlled and peer-reviewed. Keyword tags will be refreshed and updated continually, based on effectiveness and continuity.

What if I don’t get any Search Results when I search for a particular term?

If Search Results are blank, that means nothing has been tagged with that particular term, but it certainly doesn’t mean the Archive doesn’t contain any material relevant to your search. Browse the Archive through Practitioners or Categories that are linked to your Search term and see what you find, or alternatively search the Keyword Index for similar terms, click on one of those, and that will take you directly to a list of relevant results that are available.

What is the Keyword Index?

The Keyword Index is a complete list of all Keyword tags have been generated for all Practitioner, Category and Asset pages in the Archive. Click on a Keyword to effectively search for that term, and see the Search Results. Because the Keyword Index is a record of all current tags on the Archive, clicking on a word will always trigger at least one Search Result.


What authentication options are available?

We offer authentication by:

  • IP address
  • Proxy server
  • Athens
  • Shibboleth

How do I manage my institution’s account?

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What do I do if I have forgotten the password for my institutional account?

If you have forgotten the password for your institutional account you will need to contact us at

How do I view and edit my contact details?

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How do I view and edit my account credentials?

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How do I view my holdings?

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How can I obtain MARC-21 records?

We are not currently able to offer MARC-21 records from the site directly, but we can supply a file on request. Please contact us for details.

How do I run usage reports?

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  • We are currently working towards compliance with COUNTER release 4, which includes multimedia material.

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How do I cancel my account?

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