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Barba, Eugenio and Odin Teatret

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Eugenio Barba created Odin Teatret in Norway in 1964, having worked with Jerzy Grotowski for three years in Poland. Now based in Denmark, its members come from a dozen countries and three continents.

Odin - Ascent... - thumbnail
A film following the street performance Anabasis in Peru. It was an itinerant performance, based on exploiting the connections between the actors and the spectators who they encounter on their way.
Odin Teatret - Oxyrhincus Evangeliet - Asset Thumbnail Image
A narrow catwalk between two flanks of spectators: ‘Maran Ata! The Lord is coming! A child is born in Bethlehem. He will destroy Jerusalem. Kyrie Eleison. He has not come to bring peace.’
Odin Teatret - Moon and Darkness - Asset Thumbnail Image
In this demonstration-performance, Odin Teatret’s Iben Nagel Rasmussen shows and explains her working practice, from her training methods through to performance.
Odin Teatret - The Dead Brother - Asset Thumbnail Image
An explanation of how performances are created at Odin Teatret. It describes the stages in the work, presenting the different phases of the process in which text, actor and director interact.
Odin Teatret - The Echo of Silence - Asset Thumbnail Image
A performance that describes the vicissitudes of the voice of an actor and the stratagems she invents to ‘interpret’ a text. In theatre, actors need to create a labyrinth of rules to follow or refuse.
Odin Teatret - The Whispering Winds - Asset Thumbnail Image
A performance-demonstration about the difference between theatre and dance. European culture suffers from the division between theatre and dance. They are, in fact, a single world.
Meetings poster asset
Documenting a three-day work session introducing participants to key aspects of the training Rasmussen developed with her group, The Bridge of Winds, culminating in a Montage of Actions and Songs.
Julia Varley joined Odin Teatret in 1976. An actor, director, teacher and writer, she is Artistic Director of the Transit Festival, and Editor of The Open Page, a journal of women’s work in theatre.
Applied to theatre practice, the term ‘Laboratory’, commonly associated with Grotowski, is used to denote concentrated and consistent experiment as being at the root of the theatre-making process.
Ritual denotes an action or series of actions that are performed to have an effect – to alter the weather, say, or move a person from one phase of life to another in a transitional rite of passage.
Many performance traditions have involved parades and displays in streets, towns or village squares, and the majority of these performances have been constructed with this spatial context in mind.

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