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Eisenberg, Avner

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Avner Eisenberg has been called ‘a clown for the thinking man’. From 1971–4, he studied with Jacques Lecoq. At present, he is still touring internationally with his award-winning one-man show.

A workshop on Eccentric Performing. This pedagogy for physical theatre is interesting in its presentation of techniques the performer can use to influence the audience’s emotional reactions.
An expert in dance disciplines from around the world, Dr. Alexander Lubenov Iliev is one of the most celebrated mime artists on the planet, and Associate Professor at the National Academy in Sofia.
An emphasis on large-scale spectacle and virtuosic achievement has always been integral to circus, an influential and continually evolving popular theatre form, with its roots in early Roman times.
With their historic connection to the court jester, clowns can share a similar performative function: to create an uncomfortable type of laughter in which we are implicated in social dysfunction.
Solo performance in a contemporary context usually involves the creation of a performance or piece of theatre which involves only one actor or performer, often playing many different roles.

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