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Applied theatre is an umbrella term that captures a diverse number of theatre practices that engage communities outside of professional and institutional settings, such as theatre in health contexts.

Imagining Autism Thumb
In this lyrical and moving documentary, film artist Sarah Turner in collaboration with Nicola Shaughnessy’s research team creates a window into the extraordinary world of the autistic imagination.
Pangaean Dreams
Pangaean Dreams is a multimedia piece which leads the audience on a shamanic journey back 250 million years to the time when the earth’s continents were all fused into one.
Touchdown Dance, which includes commentary and analysis by Paxton, observes the experience of a visually impaired woman, Kirin Saeed, as she moves through a five-day workshop with Paxton’s company.
An actress for over 30 years, Kelly Hunter has worked with directors such as Trevor Nunn. She founded Touchstone Shakespeare Theatre in 2002 to work with young people with limited access to the arts.
Nicola Shaughnessy is a Professor of Performance at the University of Kent, where she teaches contemporary performance and applied theatre, and recently led the AHRC-funded project ‘Imagining Autism’.

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