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The text is the actor’s starting and end point when creating a character, requiring a certain forensic analysis to transform the page into flesh-and-blood character. This process is often intuitive.

Adriano Shaplin
Combining the insights of a playwright, actor, sound designer and an artistic director, this interview with Adriano Shaplin provides a distinct perspective on ensemble.
Brecht: Survival and Contradiction
Although best known as a playwright, Brecht was a highly original poet. His poems tell us much about his plays, not least his advocacy of survival in a context of resistance to oppression.
Konstantin Stanislavski. After My Life in Art, Part 3: The Return
The third episode of After My Life in Art, originally broadcast by The Culture Channel, Russia
Konstantin Stanislavski. After My Life in Art, Part 4: The System
The fourth episode of After My Life in Art, originally broadcast by The Culture Channel, Russia
Life in Art Thumb
The fifth episode of After My Life in Art, originally broadcast by The Culture Channel, Russia
Zarrilli’s Psychophysical Acting methodology focuses on the relationship between the actor-as-doer and what the actor does. It (re)examines in practice and theory a psychophysical approach to acting.
Odin Teatret - The Dead Brother - Asset Thumbnail Image
An explanation of how performances are created at Odin Teatret. It describes the stages in the work, presenting the different phases of the process in which text, actor and director interact.
Odin Teatret - The Echo of Silence - Asset Thumbnail Image
A performance that describes the vicissitudes of the voice of an actor and the stratagems she invents to ‘interpret’ a text. In theatre, actors need to create a labyrinth of rules to follow or refuse.
Merlin asset thumbnail
Bella Merlin’s practical presentation uses Stanislavsky’s Six Fundamental Questions to contextualise a demonstration of ‘practice as research’ riffing off his work, as well as Maria Knebel’s.
Bella Merlin is an actor, writer (of books and music) and Professor of Acting at the University of California, Davis. Her work combines acting processes, theatre history and practice-as-research.
Adriano Shaplin is a New Jersey-based playwright, actor, and artistic director of the Riot Group. His plays have been translated into several European languages, and won four Edinburgh Fringe Firsts.
Julia Varley joined Odin Teatret in 1976. An actor, director, teacher and writer, she is Artistic Director of the Transit Festival, and Editor of The Open Page, a journal of women’s work in theatre.

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With his insights into acting and directing, Konstantin Stanislavski forged a definitive position in the development of 20th-century theatre, laying the groundwork for innovators such as Grotowski.
Dance studies range widely: from phenomenological approaches that emphasise the experience of movement; through focus on techniques; to the placing of works in a historical or political context.