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Form & Genre


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The term ‘expressionism’ describes a radical style of visual art that aimed to express emotion non-naturalistically, in violent protest against the perceived bourgeois repression of naturalism.

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Bella Merlin’s practical presentation uses Stanislavsky’s Six Fundamental Questions to contextualise a demonstration of ‘practice as research’ riffing off his work, as well as Maria Knebel’s.
by McPherson, Katrina
Tadashi Endo is a butoh dancer and teacher. He met Kazuo Ohno in 1989 and has since been deeply influenced by his work. He is founder and director of Germany’s Butoh-Center and Butoh-Festivals MAMU.

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Michael Chekhov was a celebrated actor for directors including Stanislavski, Vakhtangov and Reinhardt. He developed a unique creative process that continues to inspire actors around the world.
The text is the actor’s starting and end point when creating a character, requiring a certain forensic analysis to transform the page into flesh-and-blood character. This process is often intuitive.