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Boal, Augusto

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The inventor of the internationally renowned Forum Theatre system and ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’.

Levinsky 1
This video captures a typical progression in Levinsky’s teaching of biomechanics, from work with sticks to footwork, balance and simple twirling skills, culminating in a demonstration of solo études.
Popular theatre embraces practices including melodrama, street theatre, circus, vaudeville, clowning and musicals. Historically, it encompasses both commercial and political theatre for the people.
Environmental theatre, like site-specific work, aims to alter the conventional spatial practices of performance and to enhance the performance’s engagement with its space and site of production.
Improvisation is the spontaneous invention of performance. But while it specifies a particular form, elements of improvisation are intrinsic to all performance and the quality of liveness it produces.
The term ‘installation art’ has been used since the 1960s to designate art practice which explicitly aims to include and refer to its site and context as a crucial constituent of its meanings.
Para literally means ‘beyond’. In theatre practice, paratheatre therefore lies outside and beyond the spatial, temporal and structural forms of performance, denoting related practices instead.
Coined by Augusto Boal, this term has been adopted internationally to denote a way of creating theatre and conducting paratheatrical work to achieve his aims of social franchisement and agency.